Why Service?

Service is everything to the success of an organisation regardless of the nature of the industry!

Good Customer Service is not just the duty of the frontline staff. It should permeate throughout the organization whereby senior management has to believe in it and walk the talk in order to create a service culture in the company.

Service is not just for the frontline staff but for everyone in the company. Thus, studying for a course in service management will provide you with a qualification that is always in demand in all industries and will give you the competitive advantage in your career advancement.


CSM Academy International specialises in Service Management programmes with a focus on healthcare services.

We partner with overseas Universities to deliver their healthcare service degrees in Singapore to help working adults upgrade their skills and advance in the healthcare industry as well as fresh Polytechnic Students to study full time/ part-time.

Below tertiary level, we have developed our own diploma and certificate programmes in general service management and healthcare services with most programmes being WSQ and SDF funded, again for working adults to upgrade their skills or gain a new skill to re-enter the workforce. Our Diploma and Advanced Diploma articulates into final year University degrees and fresh 'O' level and 'A' level students can opt to study full time/ part-time to ultimately obtain a degree.

We deliver most of our courses through a blended learning mode via a proprietary Mindkiosk e-learning portal which also has short courses in telemedicine, aviation medicine, hyperbaric and basic cardiac life support topics.

We are also the first Private Education Institution here to incorporate design-thinking tools and processes into its service management and some health-care related courses and to date, delivers the first and only specialized Diploma in Service Management in Singapore.

Our Programmes